Show Home Targets Energy Efficiency in Hot-Humid Climate. Building Technologies Program

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This brochure describes The New American Home, an annual project that is focused on the future of homebuilding. Industry experts team to design, build and monitor a demonstration home that has been equipped with the latest marketable technologies and projects. Some of the features in this home include:

  • Solar thermal panels for water heating
  • Four high-efficiency heat pump units
  • Minimum of 14 SEER for condensing units
  • All air handling equipment and ductwork within conditioned space
  • Attic predominantly unvented with a small vented section to be used for testing
  • High-performance windows with a spectrally selective low-emmissivity coating to reduce cooling and heating costs

If you live in a hot to humid climate with a goal of having an energy-efficient home, exploring these specifications will help determine your path.



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