Xeriscaping: Trees and Shrubs

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White Paper

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This relatively new method of landscape design and maintenance uses less water than traditional landscape techniques. The goal of xeriscaping is to create visually appealing landscapes that use plants selected for their natural water efficiency, including native plants and drought tolerant exotic plants. Trees and shrubs that will prosper in Colorado's harsh climate without ample irrigation require careful selection. As a long term investment, select trees and shrubs only after careful evaluation of your garden's soil, drainage, and exposure. Regardless of how durable wood plants are, for survival in any conditions, many of these woody plants need at least two growing seasons to establish. It is important to water them during this period and then gradually reduce irrigation. Download this white paper for an extensive list of durable trees and shrubs that will prosper in reduced water situations.

  • xeriscaping basics
  • specifics on wood plant care
  • extensive tree and shrub list

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